Why do I need a website?

So many people jump right to their computers to look up information today. You can't ignore the fact that a simple, low cost website could help people learn more about your company, contact you or find you faster.

Does my company need a website?  A question often answered too quickly with:

"No! I don't need a website ... My company doesn't sell products on the Internet"

Just because your company does not sell a product or service over the internet is no reason to assume your business could not benefit from a website.
A website does not have to be an "online store". You do not have to conduct monetary transactions from your website. In today's fast-paced need-to-know business world, a website can be much more than that.

A simple, tasteful website can be:
- A Business Card
- A Portfolio
- A Line Card
- A Contact Form
- A Map of Direction

There is so much important information that can be made available to so many more potential customers locally, nationally or worldwide:
- Who is Your Company?
- What does your Company do?
- How does your Company do things better than others?
- Where are you located?
- How can I contact your Sales or Customer Service department?
- What number should I send a fax to?

Ask yourself if your business could benefit from presenting that type of information to current or potentially new clients.
Then ask yourself if you are ready for a website!
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